Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dungeons and Dragons

There's my artwork for "Drow of the Underdark"

(a Dungeons & Dragons supplement that provides the definitive treatise on the drow)

All Images are copyrighted of Wizard of the Coast 2007


Mighty lands and fantasy background for Empyrea©: my way to dream some place to stay...

All images are copyrighted of ExtremeFantasy©2007

Nephandum - CoT

CoT (Creatures of Terror), born from the mind of Mario Pasqualotto(the creator of Nephandum©) and live by the hand of many artists. I'm happy to be here with my fear in this fantastic Italian rpg! ciao! :)

all images copyright of ExtremeFantasy©

World of Warcraft

I show you my artwork from the experience with Blizzard© wich i've produced some different collectible cards with my dark-style (it's too gloomy for the shining and flashy colors of WoW?)

All images are copyrighted of Blizzard Entertainment©

Call of Cthulhu

CoC is one of my favourite game and story: full of atmosphere, inusual sensation about classic 30' terror. A great title from Fantasy Flight Games©!

All images are copyright of Fantasy Flight Games©

A Games of Thrones

A Games of Thrones© is a ccg reach of atmosphere, and my favourite "fuel" to paint the cards: i've paint a lot of cards for Agot, any time with smile:) I've found the best writers in this very professional team o development. Sincerely, Carlo Bocchio

All images are copyright of Fantasy Flight Games©