Monday, October 15, 2007


Two pages from project "Valley of Fog"

Urwhan Sabbarsh, character protagonist for "Valley Fog"

Monumental cemetery from the story
"The kingdoms of ruins",prequel of
the history project "Valley Fog"

Character proof for Conan
- pencil by Alberto Ponticelli,
colors by Carlo Bocchio

Page from historical fantasy comic book
"Rosso Velabro" (Italy 2005)

Page from "Asia's Nightmare"
dark fantasy story (USA around 2003)

Project: "Ego's Midnight in CommonVille"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Humans men and women:

Mecha Design (full detailed):

Umanoid Grotesque Creatures:

BackGround (view point as illustration not
technical concept)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dungeons and Dragons

There's my artwork for "Drow of the Underdark"

(a Dungeons & Dragons supplement that provides the definitive treatise on the drow)

All Images are copyrighted of Wizard of the Coast 2007


Mighty lands and fantasy background for Empyrea©: my way to dream some place to stay...

All images are copyrighted of ExtremeFantasy©2007

Nephandum - CoT

CoT (Creatures of Terror), born from the mind of Mario Pasqualotto(the creator of Nephandum©) and live by the hand of many artists. I'm happy to be here with my fear in this fantastic Italian rpg! ciao! :)

all images copyright of ExtremeFantasy©

World of Warcraft

I show you my artwork from the experience with Blizzard© wich i've produced some different collectible cards with my dark-style (it's too gloomy for the shining and flashy colors of WoW?)

All images are copyrighted of Blizzard Entertainment©

Call of Cthulhu

CoC is one of my favourite game and story: full of atmosphere, inusual sensation about classic 30' terror. A great title from Fantasy Flight Games©!

All images are copyright of Fantasy Flight Games©